Walmart Wednesdays

Happy hump day every body!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I’ve got a deep love for Walmart. If you don’t already, I hope this series changes your heart!

Growing up, Walmart was always the place my mom only shopped if she had to. I mean, if I’m being totally honest, the ones in my hometown weren’t the most well kept places so I understand her avoidance. When I got married and moved out on my own, I pretty much kept to that same pattern.

We moved out of the country for a few years and when we came back, I started to be more frugal and aware of how much things cost, mainly groceries. I quickly realized that Walmart was by far the cheapest place, plus I could utilize Grocery Pick up, and not actually have to shop in store. It was a win-win!

After our move back to our home state, we were living just two minutes away from Walmart, so it became my go to place for everything, not just groceries. It had just been remodeled right after I moved, so it was in pristine condition! OH! And the coolest thing about this particular Walmart was that they had a nursing mothers room! THAT WAS ACTUALLY NICE AND CLEAN AND COMFORTABLE! No running to the bathroom or dressing room to nurse for this girl!

During my shopping trips when I needed to get things like a curtain rod, or a doormat, or whatever other essential home item I needed, I started noticing that Walmart had some CUUUUUTE stuff. Like, real cute y’all! I had NO idea that Walmart had anything other than super basic stuff and was always under the impression that everything was super low quality. BOY WAS I WRONG! I have found the CUTEST home items, accessories, clothes, etc. from here and just about everything has been great quality! And the prices CANNOT be beat!

Over the last two years I started sharing my Walmart finds and apparently it’s a huge hit! I get more interaction when I share about the products I find here than just about any other post I make on Instagram. Since it’s such a hit, I decided to do a bi weekly roundup on things I find that make me say “OMG THIS IS FROM WALMART?!” and share them with you! The goal is to share things twice a month, but Walmart doesn’t get new items in store quite as often as other retailers, so it might just be once a month. We’ll see! Regardless, I am all about saving money on cute stuff, and I’ve noticed my followers are too!

Okay, enough rambling! Here’s some of my recent finds! All photos were taken March 30th, and just about everything is brand new so keep your eyes peeled! All images are linked to the products, too. Just click on the photo and it should take you right to the product!

Home Decor:

This pillow amazing boho pillow is only $6 on the Walmart website! Order online and pickup in store to get this amazing price!

Need a new table runner for spring/summer? Look no further than this $12 boho beauty!

I know you’ve seen the budget saving drop cloth curtains, but how gorgeous are these farmhouse inspired panels? They’re only $15 for TWO 84 inch panels! Online there’s tons of options for length and a few different colors, too!

I love these frames for a gallery wall! They’re $8.44 at my Walmart, but I found one that’s the same, only black for $5.98 online. The link will take you to that frame. If you do want white, just search “mainstays 11×14 frame white” and you’ll find it!

How pretty is this marble clock?! For less than $10 definitely can’t beat it!

SO MANY CUTE LAMPS! And y’all, these prices are so good! I’ve seen similar ones at places like Target or Homegoods for double the price. All of these are less than $20 and so cute! I’m linking to the mid century vibes one in the middle on the top row. Its a touch lamp which is super cool!

Women’s Clothing & Accessories:

Y’all, I could list SO MANY THINGS in this section, but I’m going to try to narrow it down to just my favorites. Walmart has some really great things for spring and summer right now! I can’t wait to see what they put out as the season goes on!

This robe was so pretty and I’ve been eyeing it for a few weeks and I finally picked it up. There’s a robe, gown, and pajama set in each colorway. You’re welcome.

YALL THE BAGS! SO. MANY. BAGS. Walmart has the cutest bags right now. I want them all!

These mini backpacks are great for kiddos! I’ve linked the mint stripe in the bottom left corner.

This tote is the perfect mom bag! There’s tons of pockets, and it’s super great quality. It is a tad pricey for Walmart ($24.88) but for the quality I would totally say it’s worth it! It’d be perfect for storing diapers, snacks, along with all of your regular purse essentials. There’s also a laptop sleeve, making this bag the workin’ woman’s dream!

If you like your bags to be a little more fun like I do, these are so fun! If you’d want them to be a little sturdier/organized, you can always throw a purse organizer inside. My favorite is this one from amazon. There are more colorways for this bag online and I love them all equally!

Are you a hat person? I so desperately want to be, and with these I feel like I could be. Oh, and they’re less than $10, so I think I’m going to try one out soon!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably struggled to find a cup for your kid that doesn’t leak all over the place. Well, have I found the perfect cup! These playtex 360 cups are AWESOME! The top screws on and keeps everything in place. They’re magic. We’ve tried other brands of the 360 style cups and they always seem to work for a week or so, and then just start leaking everywhere. We’re about a month in with this one and so far it’s great!

I so wish they made these dresses in baby sizes. They come in two packs for just $10, and there are multiple patterns. Each one is so cute! I’ll be honest and say that I’m not crazy about their baby and toddler boy section, but their toddler girl section has SUCH CUTE STUFF!

I couldn’t find an exact link to this shirt, but it does link to a super cute matching set!

I hope that you all enjoyed this post! I love money saving tips, especially when it comes to cute stuff! My Walmart is currently jam packed with adorable stuff for the spring, so be on the look out for next weeks post! I am SO excited about this series!

-Megan ❤️

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