Hustle, Schmustle

On Saturday, I walked in to Hobby Lobby to browse the store during a much needed break from my kiddos. As soon as I walked in to the colorful aisles filled with home decor, I noticed something that caught my attention. Pretty gold framed, hand lettered signs with the words “Hustle” or “#GIRLBOSS” and other motiving slogans made to empower female go-getters were everywhere. After perusing the endless aisles and end-caps full of inspirational wall art, I headed to the scrapbooking section for the few things that I actually had on my shopping list. Again, I was bombarded by planners and all of their accessories for girls who just want to build their empires.

If you’re on Instagram, I KNOW you’ve seen these women. You’ve seen the bloggers, boutique owners, the direct sales girls, etc. The ones always talking about being a boss and having a side hustle. You’ve seen all of the successful moms/women telling other moms/women that they NEED a side hustle. Now, before I get too deep in to this, let me say that I applaud these women! They’re amazing and I’m so glad that they’re getting after it! Heck, I may or may not have attempted to be one in the not so distant past. I’ll be the first to tell you that I AM a girl boss, technically, and I am affiliated with a direct sales company. I own my own photography business and I sell shampoo on the side. BUT, I am not hustling in that by any means. And I’m 100% okay with that.

Over the last couple of months, if you know me/follow me on social media, you know that I’ve taken a step back from my social selling business. You’ve probably noticed that my posts now mainly focus on my babies, and a lot less on my love for the hair products I swear by. Here’s why: I started getting pretty depressed about the fact that I never seemed to “rank up” no matter how much I shared/praised/talked about these products. I was constantly seeing the leaders above me say things like “You have to give it your all! If you aren’t hustling, your business won’t thrive.” But I felt like I was hustling, so what gives?

After a few months of feeling like a failure for not “hustling” hard enough and asking God why the heck I wasn’t earning my free trips to exotic beaches (kidding. Kind of.) his words to me couldn’t be any clearer. THIS IS NOT MY PLAN FOR YOU. It was the same thing, repeated over and over again. And finally I decided to accept it, with a grateful heart. And omg, has it been freeing! Watching others on social media “rank up” so quickly and sharing about their prosperity can make jealousy and self doubt stir in your heart so quickly. Those are not traits the Lord delights in, sister.

Listen, there are women out there KILLING it in their role as girl boss. I am so gosh darn excited for them! How they manage to run their businesses, manage a home, kids, a marriage, social life, it’s all beyond me. What a blessing God has given them! But for my moms out there who feel like they’re a failure because they aren’t “hustling” and “being a boss”, stop it right now. God has a plan for each and every one of us, and sometimes that plan doesn’t involve a thriving business. Others might tell you it’s only because you’re not working hard enough, or because you don’t want it bad enough. Don’t listen. Look around at all the ways God has blessed you, too. Remember these lyrics? “Count your blessings, name them one by one…Count your many blessings see what God has done!” He’s blessing and prospering you, too! It just might not be in the ways social media and society tell you you need to be.

If God has placed you in the role of wife and mother, HUSTLE IN THAT. Do not be discouraged by the fact that you’re “just” a wife and mother. You currently have THE most important job on the planet. Raising the next generation of humans, ain’t easy y’all! Being married isn’t so easy, either. Hustle in playing with your children, or even in the mundane things like doing laundry or dishes. Hustle in putting the kids to bed early, so you can spend some much needed time alone with your husband. Take the reins and be the #girlboss of your home. Take pride in the job you’ve been given, even if it doesn’t pay in handsomely large bonuses and lavish vacations. Know that you aren’t failing as a woman just because you aren’t succeeding in some business. God has you exactly where you need to be. His plan and timing are perfect. Remember that, always.

2 thoughts on “Hustle, Schmustle

  1. My friend shared this blog post and it is GOLD! Exactly what I needed to read. It spoke right to my heart and I felt like I was reading my own thoughts. The part that hit home the most was, be the girlboss of your home. Full on tears happened when I read that last paragraph!

    1. Omg, Amanda THANK YOU! I felt like maybe no one would relate or get anything out of this post, so I am so glad to hear that I was wrong!

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